Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hello readers ...

this is Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen's intuitivemusic blog!

It is intended as a supplement to my homepage. I have always had a lot of good feedback from it. A blog might create some more collectivity and more direct contact.

So what's on for me now ? I just put some new material on the intuitive music homepage - email discussions I had with colleagues. They are here.

I just read the programme of ISCM World Music Festival in July, Stuttgart. And stumbled over the word "Live-Improvisation" (could be read in as well German as English). This terminology appears to me as a sad testimony of how forgotten and marginalized improvisation is in such a general context of contemporary and experimental music. This is the tradition of John Cage, Earle Brown, Karlheinz Stockhausen (who coined the term intuitive music), Dieter Schnebel, Franco Evangelisti, John Zorn etc. etc, people who worked out alternatives to old fixed notation and let music creation be more collaborative. And yet it seems nescessary in this programme to explain that improvisation does not mean some fantasy the composer once had or that the form is not schematic, that by improvisation they mean improvisation !

On the other hand, it must be welcomed and greeted, of course, because it appears at all at such an occasion. This is a rare thing but maybe a sign that something could be loosening up.

So this was a little conversation for now. You are welcome to participate with comments to this and also to issues of the homepage - it's at


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